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ZhuchengWhat are the common types of container houses?

时间:2020-04-20 来源:http://www.jiaweixinjiaodai.com/

Because of its special advantages, the container house has become a very popular product in today's market. The container house with good quality and good reputation can use different ways to carry out combination design and appropriate configuration in it, so as to meet the needs of different occasions. So, what are the common types of container houses?            What are the common types of container houses?            1. Dry box type            The steel structure used in the dry box type container house is the dry box structure stretched from the international standard. The main structure of this type of container house is based on the common type of container, adding materials such as internal and external insulation layer and decorative plate, and the main material used for the floor is foam cement plate, so the structural strength is relatively high and the transportation is more convenient.            2. Plug in type            Plug in container house is a kind of cost-effective type, which is usually based on standard container. In the construction of this type of container house, the basic water system should be designed in advance and added on site. If there are many disassembled components, waterproof measures should be taken at the joint. Therefore, the plug-in container house is more suitable for the place with less rain.            3. Rotary            The revolving container house is also a common type. In the design and construction of this type of container house, the side plate is rotated to use so that the area in the house can be expanded by two or three times. Although the space area has been increased, compared with the dry box type and plug-in type container house, the strength of the house will be worse, so J should pay special attention to deal with the water and electricity system.            This paper has introduced three common types of container houses in the market. Through the introduction, you can understand the characteristics of different types of container houses. Therefore, when building a container house, you should not only know where there is a reputable container house company, but also choose the appropriate type of container house according to your actual needs and use location.