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What are the types of container mobile rooms

时间:2020-04-20 来源:http://www.jiaweixinjiaodai.com/

The framework of the container mobile house is made of high-strength color steel plate, with sandwich panel as enclosure, and then various components are connected by bolts. The new concept of container activity room is not only economical but also environmentally friendly. It is effortless in assembly and disassembly. It fully adheres to the efficient and fast construction concept, easy to maintain, and plays an important role in all walks of life. What are the types of container activity room?            What are the types of container mobile rooms            1、 Insulation board type            If you want to expand the activity space on the basis of the original housing when you choose the container activity room, then you can choose the insulated roof type container activity room, which has a high privacy, and the low container price is not limited to the sunshine room in the general sense. At the same time, the activity room is very basic in price, but not practical. Although sometimes the lighting effect is not ideal, it can be solved by enlarging the window.            2、 Large glass skylight type            If you want to maintain some flowers and grass in winter, in order to better ventilate the vegetation and receive abundant sunshine, you can build the container mobile room into a mobile room with a large glass skylight. The construction price of this mobile room is not high, and it can fully absorb the warmth of sunshine in winter, but the disadvantage is the high temperature in summer Don't be exposed to the sun, you need to put shade curtains.            3、 Roof opening type            The living area of the house itself is enough, but there is no corresponding winter leisure place, so you can consider the roof opening type container activity room, which can realize the overall movement, while the space is bright, and is a good place for winter leisure and fitness. However, the lighting effect of this kind of activity room is not very ideal, and it also has the defect of high temperature in summer. Only installing air conditioner can be suitable for summer activities.            In addition to the above three types of digging, there are also air glass type container mobile rooms. This type of mobile room can meet the needs of traditional architectural features, and it can also be used with invisible screens and other sun shading tools. No matter what type of container mobile room you choose, the starting point of selection is to be based on your own use needs. Only close to the use needs can you Let the selection of container mobile house be meaningful and valuable.